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Vitamin D3 for Infants and Young Children

Vitamin D3 for Infants and Young Children

The body does not store much vitamin D and what there is, is primarily found in the liver and in body fat. New-born infants have very little body fat and their livers hold almost no vitamin D and, as most new babies are not exposed to much direct sunlight, they are dependent on intakes from breastmilk or formula feed. However, the amount of vitamin D in breastmilk is variable as it depends on the vitamin D status of the mother.

Because of this, Public Health England (part of the UK Department of Health) recommends that babies who are exclusively breastfed should be given a daily vitamin D supplement of 8.5 μg. Babies who receive more than 500 ml (approximately one pint) of infant formula a day should not be given any additional vitamin supplements as formula milk is fortified with all the nutrients that are needed.

The Chief Medical Officer also recommends that children aged 1-4 take a 10 μg vitamin D supplement every day.

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