Face Mask Importance – Biocell

a. Super easy to use!

No need to even wash your face or hands after application. You can simply pat the leftover essence on your face into your skin. Nothing goes wasted 🙂 You can enjoy sheet masks in the comfort of your own home while you’re watching a movie or reading a book (by yourself or with your friends).

b. At home

Compared to typical essence or serum products, sheet masks only cost you a couple of bucks or even less. Sheet masks are actually an inexpensive alternative to frequent spa facials (if you think about, you would save time too having your very own at-home pamper sessions).

c. Great effect in a short time!

Sheet masks have instant effects. Essences are absorbed into your skin and the moisture is “locked” in within an average of 20 minutes. Try it yourself! They are super beneficial to everyone’s skin type- can’t hurt ya :). Now, are you ready to incorporate sheet masks into your skincare regimen and up your game? Join the “1 Mask a Day” Syndrome today and find out how simple and affordable skincare can be.

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