Biocell Journey

The beginning of Valentis dates back to 1919, has a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility, develops the range of medicines and beauty products and supplies to the main markets worldwide.
Valentis Life Science Limited is a Valentis Company – and are our global website for consumers and trades to order our products and we deliver worldwide and our corporate website is
Our “Biocell” brand is made in Switzerland, has been created for lifestyle-conscious women, for those who appreciate natural beauty. It encourages women to love themselves just as they are: unique; perfect.
The “Biocell” worldview shares many similarities with Eastern philosophy and is based around the idea that true beauty can only be created by Nature, following Nature’s rules.
“Biocell” admires distinctive personalities, discovering beauty in individuality, in consciousness, in harmony, and in a woman’s body changing like one of the most beautiful patterns in the universe.
Delicate taste and elegant simplicity – this is the definition of a “Biocell” woman. Leading an active, sophisticated lifestyle, a successful and attractive woman, she lives an interesting, full life, doing only what truly brings joy and fulfillment. She knows that only by living like this can you create beauty and peace within and around you.

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