Biocell Sheet Face Masks FAQs

A sheet mask is literally a sheet pre-cut in the shape of your face. The sheets are packed with potent ingredients that penetrate your skin fast and effectively to meet your skin’s needs. Mask sheets offer a gentle approach to treating issues like tone, hydration, firmness, clarity, and even more.

The Biocell Shot contains hydrolyzed collagen of bovine origin, which are specifically neutral in taste and odour.

No, as the Biocell Shot contains collagen from bovine origin.

No, as the Biocell Shot contains collagen from bovine origin

As it is a food supplement, an interaction with pharmaceutical products is unlikely to occur. However, we recommend that people suffering from a serious illness and who are under medical supervision in general do not take food supplements unless recommended by their doctor.

Simply drink one shot whenever it’s convenient for you. We recommend drinking one shot daily, preferably with a meal.tor.

The Biocell Shot can be used in conjunction with any of our Biocell Supplements.