Biocell Collagen Shots getting benefits and results


1) Multi Vitamin Collagen Shot
2) Excellent 3 in 1 formula for Hair, Skin and Nails
3) 35000mg of Hydrolysed Collagen
4) Maintenance of Shiner And Stronger Hair
5) Maintenance of Hydrated, Supple and Healthy Skin
6) Unique formulation As Per EU Recommendation.Intake 1 Vial*
7) Maintenance of Stronger and Healthier Nails.
8) Feeds the follicle and hair from within

Getting best results

1) Take Biocell Collagen Shots 3 months consistently.
2) X1 Vial a day either morning or morning & evening during meals
3) A healthy and Balanced Diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important.
4) Skin: For supple, hydrated and normal functioning of skin.
5) Hair: Maintenance and growth of thick and shiny hair.
6) Nails: Maintaining healthy and strong nails.

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